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Media Plan

Research, Plan and Build a customized Media Plan to match your product's needs. measure and scale

Digital Presence

  • ASO

  • Influencers

  • Blogs

Social Media

Build and Launch Social Media Profiles:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

UA Channels

  • In-app traffic from SDK's

  • Google 

  • Facebook and Instagram

  • Media Buy from DSP's, SSP's and Ad Exchanges

App Developers

​Single Dream Media Specializes in User acquisition for Games and Social Casino Apps
Utilizing Post Install events to indicate on the best traffic for your app before spending your money

White Listing the sources with highest
ROI, ARPU, DAU to maximize your advertising investment

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Customized Services for Growing Your App

  • Flexible Pricing: CPI, CPA, CPC, CPM

  • ROI Driven Management
    Daily Optimization and reporting 


  • 6 Channels for User Acquisition
    Media Buy, SDK, Pre-Sell Phones, Social Media or Google Traffic


  • Anti Fraud Approach
    Choosing the best partners and using anti fraud tools to avoid wasting your money

  • Agency Services: ASO, Social Media, Media Plan, Media Kit

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  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Direct and Exclusive offers on M-L Scale

We strive to on-board long term direct traffic providers, In-app and websites to provide our clients with quality active users

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Get Paid For Your Users,
Monetize With SDM:


  • Direct and exclusive offers 

  • Simple S2S integration

  • Control your ads

  • Dedicated account manager – our experts will work with you for the best monetization of your traffic

  • Long term partnerships that will allow you to grow your revenue stably

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