Single Dream Media offer tailor made marketing services to app developers and game studios in order to grow their user base, increase retention and DAU, and maximizing ROI.

we offer experts to hire on steady monthly fee to match your needs.

Our team will play your game, use your app and experience it like a real user.

Prepare a marketing brief, set business goals and achieve them with a friendly and dedicated service. 


Not sure how to get started?
Need to plan your mobile game launch?

SDM will help you to plan marketing strategy for your mobile game:

Marketing Brief, USP  (unique Selling Point), Go To Market Strategy
Budget allocation per channel and set the right KPI’s for your title.

We’re here to help



Create the best marketing creative materials with SDM's In-house Studio  for an efficient user funnel and for your App.

We’ll create the creative brief with you, design and A\B test ad creatives and store screenshots on a monthly basis.

Maximizing your title’s potential with every ad, app preview and social media page. Our team will help you deliver the user experience in every asset.  


SDM’s Social Media team are internet savvy’s who live and breath Social Media networks with a deep understanding of performance marketing.

We create, manage and engage in all social media channels in order to engage your users, increase retention and achieve your business goals.



SDM Takes Good Care of your Store Listing with ASO services that include keywords research, Screen shots & video’s updates, and localized translations.

With A\B testing and competitor’s research, we’ll improve your store visibility & Increase organic installs that result in Lowering CPI for non organic activity and increase store’s ranking.


We strive to on-board long term direct traffic providers, In-app and websites to provide our clients with quality active users

Get Paid For Your Users, Monetize With SDM:

  • Direct and exclusive offers

  • Simple S2S integration

  • Control your ads

  • Dedicated account manager - our experts will work with you for the best monetization of your traffic

  • Long term partnerships that will allow you to grow your revenue stably 


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