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7 points to a successful slots game

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Got a slot game on your hand? Here are 7 guidelines to make it work!

1. Paying and Non Paying Users On social casino apps the common business model is IAP, meaning we're looking for paying users. But not only. We also need to have X percentage of users who play the game but do not deposit money, its not because we don’t want their money but because we cant expect all users to deposit and if we will focus on the payers only we will end up with very little DAU (daily active users). A high DAU is very important for the organic results (check Organic and paid traffic). Create a game environment so the user can play and enjoy, don’t let him choose to sign-out or pay after a short session of a minute or two.

2. Users Relationships By establishing the relations ships between the users you affect their in-app behavior. A good example is to use a feature in which a user’s lost is another user’s win. This will turn a none paying user into a profitable tool, draining the other user’s coins will make the losing user go to your store. Tournaments, donations, play against friends are more good examples for using the non paying users to make the payers pay.

3. Tell A Story - Add another layer of progress Users are people and people get easily bored. slots games and be very automatic, this is why we normally see added features or story line along the slots. By adding a story to the game the user will feel his progress in the story and be excited about it. For example, if he/she will follow a story, a map to go through, a puzzle to uncover, a box to unlock. All these can be triggers for the users to keep on playing in order to finish the quest and win the prize. We should also let the user know exactly where he/she stands in the quest by pop up a notice like “in the next level you will unlock this …”, “one more win and the you will set the princess free” and more…

4. Embrace Your Users - Community Importance Users, like all people like to feel a part of something, a community, a family. we see this clearly on social media in the past few years and also see it in games that allow social features. The users will be more loyal if they will feel a family hug, a great way to do that is to re-target them on social media in a closed group\page\community. Then you can greet them for birthdays, big wins, advise them on how to better play the game, reward them with free coins, ask them to upload funny pics playing your game. make them feel like a family.

5. New Features As we said, users get easily bored. this is why it is very important is to add new features to the game very often. Maybe once a week or once every two weeks, and let the users know about it in advance, “coming soon…” We must make sure we don’t add the same feature with different theme, the users will get tired very fast. New slots but on different bet amount, puzzles between spins, scratch games, and more. Basically, it should be a super-super casual mini game in between levels or screens. Providing a secondary excitement to the user that will make him come back, and stay longer!

6. Offline and Push Notification We need to think about the user while he/she is off line as well, and not only while gaming. Build the features in the game so the users will have somethings to lose while offline, not only win if return to play. For example, if a user will return to play the user will win a bonus, but also if the user don’t return today so he will lose some rank points which he/she worked to achieve yesterday. Make the user challenge the process. 7. Events Making good events like tournaments, theme X event, play with friend event and more is important for a good user engagement. Make sure you have short-term and long-term events. If we want to increase the retention on day 30 so we can come up with event for 30 days. For example, win a spin with a cherry image once a day for 30 days. In return you will receive a huge bonus or a new slot open or a new emoji to attach your avatar and so on. On the other hand, don’t adopt a single opportunity approach, if a user fails in the event find a way to let the user try again.

Most important, you need a product the users love!!!

Got Any Questions? not sure how to get started improving your game? Contact us! SDM can help on achieving the above, direct you and compare to industry standard. We will be happy to answer and help, feel free to reach out with any questions, all first consulting is free with SDM.

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