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Everything You need to know about Mobile App Marketing

Updated: Jul 17, 2023


Marketing a mobile app can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With so many digital products and services available to us today, yes — the competition is fierce. But by focusing on specific requirements that form part of marketing a mobile app, anyone can succeed at it. So, let’s take a closer look at some of these requirements you have to meet to successfully market your mobile app:

The first is App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO involves trying to improve an app’s ranking in the search results within an app store. It is usually done by refining the app's name, the text used to describe it, key words, and giving it good creatives, amongst other things. These are all-too important because they are what help increase the organic installs your app gets. A good ASO will also help to improve the rate between users who land on the store page of your app and those who download the app (this is also known as your app’s conversion rate).

Secondly, let's look at User Acquisition (UA). The main aim with UA is gaining new users for your app and increasing your app’s conversion rate. This is usually done by analyzing in-app events, through which you can access and understand the wants and needs of each new user your app gets.

Creatives are also another essential aspect of mobile app marketing. With a good creative department, you can lower the cost of UA, raise brand awareness, reach new markets, and help your social media department. Appealing creatives are the key factor to driving a user from looking at your app ad to clicking it, so make sure that not only are our app creatives unique, but you also refresh them occasionally so users don't get tired of seeing your ads.

Social media is also an undoubtedly important tool for mobile app marketing. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most common social media platforms used for mobile apps. The main thing to remember with using social media for mobile app marketing is to always create content that's engaging and relevant to your audience. Social media can be used to raise brand awareness, promote app installs, and increase user engagement. So by creating a strong social media presence, you can build a community of loyal users who will help promote your app regularly.

Now, let's talk about your Website. It's mostly for informative purposes at first, but it also acts as a business card that can help you attract eyes and especially, investors. It's more like a part of your overall branding work too so make sure your website is not only top-notch, but it also caters to the possible needs any visitors could have.

Speaking of Branding work, there are two things you’ll also need to focus on: your branding book and increasing organic downloads. Your branding book is basically a file where you record all marketing assets like brand fonts, logos, unique selling propositions, brand message, and language. This will help keep your branding line consistent throughout all your marketing efforts. Increasing organic downloads on the other hand, is more about getting people to know your brand, and not necessarily about them downloading your app.

Last but not least, Support is a small aspect but very important. Users will reach out through app store reviews and social media. So, manage those reviews in a way that your brand gains a good reputation. A smart and simple way to help your support team and users is to create a FAQ based on the most common questions you get about your app. Also, always take user feedback to note and use it to improve your app’s functionality regularly.

If you want more great tips on mobile app marketing, reach out to us at Single Dream Media We'll be happy to help!

Single Dream Media is a mobile marketing agency that does it all. We can help you with marketing strategy, user acquisition, social media, ASO, and creatives.

If you want to see some of our success stories, chat about your app, or you just have a question, hit us up at We've got you covered on all things mobile app marketing, advertising, budget planning, and engagement.

Let's make your app shine!

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