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Mobile Apps Marketing: all topics you should cover

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet (Wikipedia).

Think about the amount of digital products/services we have in our life these days, every time we use a web page, an App, looking for the nearest grocery OR ordering groceries home, purchasing a concert tickets, scheduling a doctor appointment and many more.

The digital products/services world is so wide, there is no one who can handle all digital marketing possibilities, therefore companies focusing their services and become experts in specific channels of the digital marketing. I will focus in mobile apps marketing in this article and will try to clear out the main topics on how we are marketing our client’s products/services.

ASO – App Store Optimization.

The two biggest apps stores (google play and apple app store) are loaded with millions of apps, this means that a user searching for social casino slots game will receive pages of results, the competition on a good spot in the search results called ASO. A good marketing team will improve the ranking of the app in the search results within the stores. We do this by handling the store page considering few things like name of the app, text to describe the app, key words we select, good and fit creatives, trying to achieve a good score from the users, a low uninstall rate and few more secrets. One important thing to know is that a good store page is not only for helping the ASO activity but also to improve the rate between users landed in the store page and these who download our app. Call it conversion rate, and a good store page will help to improve this rate which will help to reduce the cost in the UA channels.

what to remember on ASO? A good ASO will help to increase the Organic installs.

what to hear more details on how we do it? Ping Single Dream Media.

UA – User acquisition

Measuring the results - The best ability we have in digital marketing is to measure our advertising campaigns and to check if we spent the money wisely. Using In-app events gives us the ability to understand the funnel and behavior of each new user. By that we can shift budget from a bad performing source to a better performing source.

Behavioral targeting – means we can target users based on what they like, based on apps they have in their mobile phone, based on actions they took like view our video or view our competitor’s videos. Basically, we can look at each of our users and not at groups of users. Segmentation of our users helps us raise the retention and predict our users desires, for example, we understand that we have a big amount of users in the age of 30-40, female, USA, with kids and a job so a special video promotion for mother’s day with a relaxing massage and gift to use in the game is great. Even to schedule the post to the time after kids start school or after the kids went to sleep. I used all info to create a useful ad. Let her relax from the stressful days with a gift she likes at the perfect timing. Help her gain a relaxing moment.

Optimization – User acquisition is all about results and a smart thing is to define what are good results and what are bad results right from the start of the UA campaigns. Industry benchmark can help us, but when the apps is unique or not fully developed to stand with the competitors use the Organic results as a benchmark. Once we have a benchmark, we can split the traffic into three groups: a Whitelist of good sources we want to push harder. A Blacklist of bad sources we don’t want to buy anymore and a gray group of sources we can’t tell their performance yet. 

There are ways to improve the Organic results and ways to improve the results from the same specific source, Ping SDM for more info. 

What to remember on UA? Setup measurable in-app events before you start, define good results and shut down traffic sources which do not perform accordingly.

Creative – With a good creative department we can lower the cost of user acquisition, raise the brand awareness, reach new markets and help social media department very often.

Most of traffic sources (if not all) are billing upon CPM (cost for 1K impressions), meaning the rate between an impression to the action you wish the user to take is a key, for example the rate between impression to install. The key factor to drive a user from look at your ad to click it is how well the creatives are. Appealing creative makes higher rate which makes a lower cost for every user install your app. We should refresh the creative occasionally so the users will not get tired to see our ads. As we spoke on measurement, here we can use a frequency data which tells us how many times a user saw our ad, a user saw our ad few times and did not download our app most likely will never do it, so a smart move is to save the money by stopping the campaign for this user. Try a smart combination between in-app footage and studio work which is not from the app footage. Remember to define goals before designing the creatives as different goals have different designing meaning. For example, if you want to notify your users about a new feature or if you wish to acquire new users. Use templates for creative creations so as time go on the process will be faster.

for more free tips on how to design a winning creative you can ping me

what to remember on Creatives? A good creative team will reduce your UA payouts.

Social media – the most common social media platform for mobile apps are facebook and instegram. The main goal is to create a community, assuming a community create a social commitment between the members and by that they will be more related to the brand. A good and strong community will strength the relation between the users and the brand, its more like a retention channel and not a user acquisition channel. This is a channel to communicate with users, to understand what they like and what they don’t like, to give them in-app gifts to attract them back to our app, to announce on a new feature and more. Good social media team will make the users participate in the brands like they are part of it. ask them how we should name the new character, ask them how they like the new shirt we sell on our app, ask them questions. Make them communicate between them buy creating discussions. A good community communicate between them self without the brand, Getting married, help finding jobs to each other, family tips and more topic which are not really about the brand anymore is a good indication of a strong community, its like a group of friends and we don’t leave friends, ever. This is the goal of social media.

To hear more great stories about a strong community ping me.

What to remember on Social media? A strong social media will ensure your users will stay with your brand for longer and will also talk good about it with their friends.

budget plan – Most of expense in app marketing is about users acquisition but its important to understand that we still need budget for the rest of marketing, so a smart thing is to plan budget for analytics tools, keep enough money to have a fluent new sets of creative, money for stores ads to help the ASO activity, for writing contents, for auto support tools/bots and more objectives which are not only UA. The main goal of the budget plan is to buy users but still have enough budget for the rest. Otherwise UA will drain all budget easily. A good tip is to have a little extra budget while UA campaigns are live to test new sources, the gray group as explained in UA section above.

For more great tips regarding Budget plan please let us know and we will happily help

What to remember on Budget plan? UA is not all your expenses, keep some of the budget for other marketing goals.

Website – the website is mostly informative when it comes to apps marketing, focusing on update news, implement stores links, show-off with our good creatives and more, but except of the informative goals the marketing team needs, the website have another role and it's to act like a business card, helps with recruiting new employees and investors. So, website is more like part of branding work. To learn more about the structure of a useful website you can reach out SDM.

what to remember on Website? Other department might use the website, know their needs and timelines.

Branding – our branding work is mostly (but not only) on two main topics, the first is a branding book, it’s actually a file but we love how it reminds us the good old days, In this file we record all marketing assets like brand fonts, brand logo, marketing characters, Unique selling proposal, brand massage, words and language which is unique for the brand. Basically we collect and record all elements which help us keep the branding line within all topics described in this article, for example the fonts will be aligned and unite in the social media posts and in the UA ads, the character invites a user to join the game is the same one to greet him happy new year. The unique color of our logo will be easily recognized once we always use it, and many more examples. The second main goal of branding is to help UA and ASO by increasing the Organic downloads, branding campaigns are these which the goals are to get more people to know our brand and not necessarily take an action like download, the massages are different, the media we buy will be different, the budgets will be different and the goals measurement will be different as well. We want to reach people who will talk about our game in the next friends gathering or in the family holidays. A good way to combine UA and branding campaigns are influencers in the social media. To learn more about effective synchronization between branding and UA campaigns please reach SDM.

what to remember on Branding? Understand the different between UA and branding will help you save time and money by avoid double working.

Support – this is a small aspect but very important. Users will reach out through the apps stores reviews and over the social media, they will love you they will hate you, they will blame you for everything, they will tell you how you saved their day and all of this is for the eyes of everybody so you want to manage the reviews in a way that your brand will gain reputation. A very smart and simple way to help the support team and the users is to create a FAQ based on the most common questions, an even better support team can share the users feedback with the product team since the support team knows what the users are looking for. Support Is like the art of listening, you can reach SDM for more info and tips.

What to remember regarding support? Always listen, always improve

Single dream Media, a mobile marketing agency. We offer a one stop shop for marketing services: Strategy, UA, Creatives, Social Media and ASO. we worked exclusively with few apps developers like Igotchastudios and Tangelo and also with few more big titles like Playtika and StarGroup.

for case studies, consulting or questions feel free to reach out.

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